Small Business Web Hosting is a topic often discussed amongst startup and new businesses. Nowadays, having an online presence is almost inevitable. The new generation are quick to search online for their needs rather then old fashion way of telephone books. What we need to look into is the needs of small business in web hosting. The best web hosting for a small business will need to have availability, speed, good technical support, search engine optimisation and scalability. One thig to remember, dont pay more then you need. A new small business doest need to pay for a dedicated server from the start. Good shared hosting is fine.

Availability and Uptime

Having an internet presence for small business is one thing. Having a constant service to please your potential clients is another. That is why we suggest that the Best Web Hosting for Small Business is a mandatory step. You want your website to be online 24/7 and every day of the years. This is uptime. We are aware that problems can arise and 100% uptime can sometimes be not obtained. Some of the web hosting company will offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA) when you buy their webhosting services. This is a threshold guarantee for uptime and availability. Meaning that if the online presence is below for a given month, they will refund you a percentage of the fee paid for web hosting.


Having a good website speed is nowadays also essential for a website. This will help to please your visitors and potential clients, but also please the search engines such as Google and help you rank higher in the Search Engines results. Speed of a Best Web Hosting for Small Business is dependent on a few factors. The two most common one are the server response and the optimisation of code and ressources on the website itself.

Server Ressources Optimisation

Server response is int he case of small business web hosting, which is often a shared web hosting solution, the responsibility of the web hosting company. This is why you need a company that knows what they are doing with their web server.

Code and Ressources Optimisation

Having a fast website often creates the need to optimise the ressources our website serves. For example the new HTTP/2 protocol is design for speed serving multiple ressources at once, but you need to optimise those ressource. Images on a website do not need to be full resolution and quality. They can be optimised and smush into a smaller size but still pleasing to the eye images. A new format of images called WebP has emerged lately because of the quality of its compression compared to traditional jpg and png format. Having smaller images will results in a faster delivery and rendering of the webpage to your visitors. Minifying the ressources such has html code, css stylesheets and javascript is also another method of reducing the transfer size of your webpages.

Technical Support

What happens of your website is down ? Thats the first thing we want to avoid. Dont panic, and contact your webhosting company technical support. What time is it ? That is why you need 24/7 + 365 days technical support availability. You also want multiple methods of contacting the support department. Look for the presence of a ticketing system, a dedicated email, a toll-free telephone number and the presence of a online service on their website. These four methods of contacting support will ensure that you are fully covered if somthings happens. Some company will also offer managed webhosting, which is a way of saying they will go further into help you with code and ressources.

Search Engine Optimisation

What is the advantages of having a website if your potential clients and visitors cannot find you when they search for your business or products and services ? You want to be visible on the internet and that is why you need to optimise webpages so that the search engines find you. Simple things such has having proper heading is not only pleasing to search engines but to your visitors.


Last but not least, Scalability is very important. You want to check if you can upgrade easily once your website start picking up a lot of visitors. A good Web Hosting for Small Business company will check the load of your website and often let you know if your website is ressource intensive on their server. That is the time to upgrade to more ressouces such has disk space, ram and cpu processes.

Best Web Hosting for Small Business

One thing that is often neglected by small business owners about their website is adding fresh new targetted content. This usually comes if the form of a blog. That is why we suggest Web hosting for wordpress service. Siteground wordpress hosting combines optimization for speed of the worpdress platform and the Content management system (CMS) also provides the ability to easily add content to your small business website without the knowledge of coding web page.