Do I need a Server for Web Hosting ? The short answer is yes. The long answer is explained in the following blog post. The TLDR version is:

  • Any webpage needs to be served by a computer
  • You can share a server
  • Companies will maintain it for you

But what about cloud hosting ? Well, its just another person computer like the saying goes.

The reality is that you need a server for web hosting somewhere to serve code to a browser. But you can offset the cost of the server and the tedious maintaining tasks of a web server to a company. And that is why web hosting companies have created the shared web hosting possibility.

You basically share the ressources of one physical server across multiple websites. That goes for Memory, disk space, cpu time and ip adresses. You can even save some more money by renting a shared hosting account, and some companies will accept multiple domains / websites in the same account. This is acceptable by most web hosting companies, as long as you dont over use the ressources and impact other shared clients of the same server for web hosting.

Backup of your content

One thing to verify in shared hosting environement, and in any types of web hosting you have, is to do your Backups. You should check if the provider you choose will automatically do backup. Also you may not have easy access to them. Usually they do backup for them and not for the client. Backups are usefull in many situations. From saving your hacked website serving malware, to correcting a bad code update on your part, or a corrupted hard drive on the server, you need backups.

Maintenance of the server

The beauty of using shared web hosting form a company that specifialise in this service, is that they will take care of the maintenance of the server. They will even do optimization of the server stack. They will do patches and monitoring of the uptime. Speaking of uptime, when choosing a Web host, you should look at their claim of uptime and read the Service level Agreement (SLA). Some companies will offer refund to their client if they dont successfully meet their uptime target during a month.

Server for Web Hosting

In conclusion, you do need a server, but not the cost and the hassle thats comes with it. You can create a blog easily online and concentrate your self on content and design while the hosting company takes care of the maintenance. All this at the fraction of the cost. Remeber, to look at our guide on web hosting features before choosing a webhost. A carefully planned selection can save trouble down the road.

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