SEO, short form of Search Engine Optimization, not only helps you in increasing the visibility of your website but also helps your website in numerous other ways. Nowadays, everyone wants to be seen. Everyone wants to be recognized. So in order to get more insight into how SEO can change your business and how essential it is for your business, here are some reasons which will clear all of your doubts.

TOP 3 Reasons for SEO

1) If you are not number 1, you are no one

It has been seen that people tend to go for the very first link whenever they search for something. 1st link is always trusted the most and visited by the most. Being 1st will attract almost 90% population to your site. With increased competition, it is very important to be number 1 to get the best organic traffic. You will always miss out on something if you are not the number 1 link. Even if you are the 2nd link, you will always miss out on that extra traffic.

2) Organic searches account for most of the traffic

Nowadays, organic searches are the topmost reason why a visitor visits your website. Search engines literally funnel traffic to a website. When correctly optimized, your business can become 0 to 100 in a very short period of time. Hence, you can realize how important it is to be on the topmost results when someone searches for something related to your business. Google, yahoo, bing are the top companies with Google as the main search engine used by people all over the world. Owning 75% of the total searches under its name, Google is the search engine you should always target. A user will find Google a clear cut leader and very much necessary for your business.

3) SEO makes your site more credible

It is seen that people who search for a query very rarely go for any link beyond the 10th one. it is typical thinking of everyone that whatever comes on the top of Google is more credible and better than the one below it. So you can understand how important it is to rank up your website on the search engine. One single upgrade in search engine ranking can result in funneling of many more visitors that you currently get.

Alternate SEO reasons

4) Better SEO = better user experience

People always go for maximum visibility and better organic ranks. Little do they care about the user experience. But it’s about time people should know that their reviews count. Hence, it is very much important to optimize the user experience, as Google strictly monitors the reviews of each visitor of a particular website. So, next time someone visits your website, make sure he has a good time from your webhosting.

5) Long term target

SEO will have a huge impact when we consider in fulfilling long term goals. It will definitely have a noticeable impact on the very first year itself, but many of the remaining actions will come later in time when you consistently rank up and maintain your website. With the continuous change in the market every now and then, it is very important to constantly adjust your business accordingly. Because one should be very much evolving and flexible in nature to fit in today’s market trend. Therefore, implementing SEO will make sure you are up to the level of market trends every time.

6) Local SEO will help better engagement and conversions

With the increase in mobile technologies everywhere, it has become very necessary to optimize your sites especially medium and small-scaled businesses around the world. Local SEO will help you be a popular choice in the local area. For companies that have a finite number of audience in a very small geographical area, they can go for local SEO. Targetting specific cities, towns, or villages or sometimes states, this option can make your website better than ever in very low investment.

7) SEO is cheap

Nothing in this world comes for free. Surely, it is not free, but doesn’t all the best things cost a fortune? Unlike those, SEO is not expensive. When you consider the overall profit of your company post SEO, you will see that the money spent on SEO is nothing in front of that. Keep in mind, every web page you make will need only 1-time investment, which means with every single investment you will profit for many years to come.


Implementing SEO on websites will always help the company. The marketing team will benefit the most from it. It is a very cheap and effective method to market your website. In the end, you are just creating a search engine friendly content once at the beginning, which will generate funds for your for god knows, how many years. So be wise and opt for SEO right now!