With over 100s of companies coming up every day, the online presence and competition amongst the companies on the internet have become fiercer than ever. Almost 100s of different and unique web hosting plans can be seen online, and for a person who knows almost nothing about the internet, it can become a pretty confusing place. With all the “technical terms” thrown at him from different web pages and blogs a potential customer may feel discourage. For example, a customer might find a lot of results for keywords such as “best-hosting services” or ” best hosting service for XYZ business”. So let’s not make things complicated, and let’s understand the different types of web hosting services in the simplest possible language.

What is Web hosting?

Before starting on to answer the “how many types” question, let’s focus on answering the “what is web hosting” part first.

Web Hosting is nothing but a particular service that provides you the resources you will need to put up your website online. You should know that websites are much more than just the frontend backend part. There is a lot to it than that. And these are the services that give you the appropriate technology like the web servers etc., to host your website on the internet. This will make sure your website is available to the public.

The basic working process of the whole thing is something like this:

  • A customer enters the address or domain name of your website in the address bar
  • The computer or laptop they are using will then connect to the server your website is hosted at.
  • After receiving a request from a computer, this server will respond to the laptop and baam! your website will be visible on the screen of the customer.


Well, the point to be noted is that there is much more to this than just these 3 points. Please find the explanation below in layman terms.

Types of Web Hosting services

Cloud Web Server

This is a sort of flexible web hosting service. You can adjust the size of the web server in the future. These types of services contain numerous individual servers that are programmed to work in a collective manner. Hence, it will look like a giant web server. The main idea behind this concept is that the customer can actually add or delete hardware commodities. This is to make a much larger or smaller cloud or grid.

Shared Web Server

The name is self-explanatory. Small scale businesses and individuals use this service to cut off costs to host their website. A hoster will host multiple websites on a single server so that the cost is shared amongst all the clients. With just over 5-10 dollars per month, you can enjoy a super server. The main disadvantage of this service is that you are at the mercy of other sites. A particular site suddenly having very high traffic will mean, other websites will be slower than usual, which can be a major disadvantage when we talk about user experience.

Reseller Web Server

Reseller is just like shared web server hosting but with extra tools and perks. Some of the additional tools and advantages that you will have are:-

  • Some of the free predesigned web templates
  • Personal domain name servers – better impression on your customers
  • White-labeled tech support – This means that the hosting company will themselves handle the client support issues.

A customer will find that reseller web server hosting is a little bit more expensive than shared web hosting, but with all these extra tools and perks. A reseller could easily profit from resources and this price point.

Virtual Private Server ( VPS ) web server hosting service

A client can considered this as a mixture of shared and dedicated web server hosting services. In this service, a single server acts like multiple servers, but all of them act as individual servers. A single web server ( physically ) hosts many websites, but each of the websites is allowed to use a dedicated sliced part of the computer. It is much like a multiple in 1 server scheme. With prices just over 50-200 dollars per month, this is an affordable way to host your website.

Colocation Web Server hosting service

In this, the company only provides services needed for the working of the server int he data center and nothing else. For example, you will have to arrange your own server ( hardware ), all they will provide are the things necessary to run that hardware like the power, cooling, internet services, etc. If there is any fault in your server at any point of time, only you are liable to repair that and no one else. So, it can be concluded that, unless you have the working knowledge of how all this works, there is no point in investing in this.

Dedicated Web Server hosting service

This is like your personal house. You are renting an entire server hardware. This means you will get access to the whole server up to the root access level. This service is a little bit expensive, but worth it if you have enough capital. However, keep in mind this is very expensive compate to other solutions.

With this, we have gone through every possible type of web server hosting service on the internet. The most important thing to note is that one should always analyze his business model, scale, and potential traffic quantity before going to select any type of web server hosting service. There is always a possibility to scale down the costs. No need to go for dedicated service when a shared web hosting will work fine for you. So, always choose wisely.