Web Hosting for WordPress became a thing when hosting companies understood they could market their shared web hosting offer into a specialized wordpress hosting service. The popularity of WordPress CMS has gained the web hosting industry a few years ago. But do all those hosting provders really offer the promised added value ? Lets check a few services on the market and judge for ourselves.

As a starter, some companies have emerged as offering only WordPress hosting , while others have created a new line of service optimised for WordPress.

Lets first look at the Hosting providers that have added and/or optimised their web hosting services for WordPress.

SiteGround Managed Web Hosting for WordPress

First up is SiteGround. Offering a solid compromise on shared hosting and specialised wordpress hosting they are not to be neglected in your choice.

They have great features right of the bat with their low tier plans, which already makes them great. However, the more you pay the more features you get with the extra ressources allowance in the form of additional diskspace or cpu cycles.

The standard features available with all webhosting for wordpress plans are the following:

As an extra, with the upper tier plans you get the following features:

However, their TOP tier of WordPress WebHosting offers some extra features such as:

Aside from the plans, you can see that SiteGround as put toughts and efforts in their WordPress service, they have their own dedicated wordpress plugins, a staging environments, and a one click, plugins included, wordpress migrator plugin.



The best part of using SiteGround making it the Best web Hosting for WordPress, is their SG optimizer that works with their server and control panel to further optimize your website. All minifying and combining functions are present which makes it a Top notch plugin available for free. Hence, you dont have to spend money on premium cache plugins anymore once you have the SiteGround hosting service. Need proof of their optimisation? The following screenshot is out of the box speed test after installing the plugin:


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